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Let us help you with your strategy for go-to-market of your AV Business. We will bring our expertise to the table to help identify all the required tools and resources needed to get you started with your AV Business without having to make a lot of investment upfront.

We will even consult on setting up managed services platform for your business to help with the AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) model.

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Business increasingly feel the need to have the right technology deployed in their offices along with a roadmap of technologies to accomodate as it gets main stream in the near future without having to upgrade the current installation every 3 years. Is an ROI calculated during deployment?

How often do you get requests from Gen Z users that they are used to a certain technology at home, why dont they have the same technology here?

Our consultants will help identify the pain points and prescribe pain killers and wont sell you solutions that have fancy names.

Get with us for a consultative approach to identifying the right AV technology for your business.

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With the advent of the “Connected” devices and the “Voice” and “Smartphone” being your ONLY remote in the house, it is become increasingly difficult to navigate the technology maze on what one should have installed at home.

Should I use Sonos? Will the Lutron system work with my smartphone and voice control? Will Alexa do EVERYTHING for me at my house at a command?

Let us help explain the right approach and design for your project.

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