Supplement your staff with drafting, engineering, and programming expertise


Leave your mundane AV Drafting work, including System Drawings and Infrastruture drawings to us and have your Engineering resources focus on more billable tasks.

Send us your Architectural background files, your scope of work for a project, bill of materials and if you happen to have a rough napkin handsketch of the system design – we will take that as well and return a full build package drawing set that includes System drawings consisting of AV flows, conduit risers, rack elevation and Infrastructure drawings consisting of Floor Plans, RCP’s, Elevations, Details etc.

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Whether we do your CAD Drawings or you do it yourself, let us setup your project to 80% completion using any of the three popular brand control system softwares. We will return uncompiled files to you so that your in-house programmer’s can finish the remainder of the project, which is lab testing, site installation and troubleshooting of the project.

Ask us how we can enable your in-house programmer to be 500% more productive using our services.

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If you have a hard time filling in engineering resources during the busy times of the year, talk to us.

We can take your site survey documentation and convert into a functional AV System design based on your clients budget and even help populate your equipment list and do labor calculations for you.

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